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Pop Up Socket Silver Sliding Kitchen or Office 3 UK Plug Sockets and 2 USB

£27.53 Ex VAT
£33.04 Inc VAT


I used a couple of these pop ups from light up uk on a recent job and these were my observations:

I found them to be a great little product; you just a cut hole through your kitchen work top and they can even provide the hole-saw to do this.

Once fitted it just plugs in like an extension lead and that's it. The plug even comes fitted so they are ready to go straight from the box, So no wiring is required.
They have three plug sockets and two USB Ports on them so you can even change your iPhone.

They sit flush with my kitchen Worktop and you push it down and it pops up and it's easy to use.

My dislikes:
You need to make sure it's clear underneath where you install and does not obstruct any draws. Bare in mind when it's in the down position it takes up room underneath your worktop.

The USB ports are only 500mA this is not enough to charge an iPad.
Date Added: 09/01/2015 by Stuart Hall