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Steinel Xled Home 1 LED Sensor Floodlight in White

steinel sensors - steinel warranty

Steinel Xled Home 1 LED Sensor Floodlight in White


Steinel have just created an innovative, efficient and boundary pushing led home floodlight. The Steinel Xled Home floodlight has been created with 170 LEDs that generates outstanding illumination with a sensationally low energy requirement.

The new hi-tech Xled home 1 floodlight requires less than 15 watts to immerse its surroundings in dazzling light. Xled home’s incredibly high level of efficiency is made possible by using 170 LEDs for light and an innovative control system. These modern components come with a further major advantage: compared with halogen or filament bulbs, LEDs life is virtually unlimited. LEDs life span is enhanced by STEINEL's Active-Thermo-Control technology that protects the LEDs from overheating.

As the Xled Home 1 floodlight emits only a fraction of the heat conventional floodlight do, it can be installed without a problem under porches. Adjusting in all directions, the light panel can be aimed perfectly at the area you wish to illuminate.

Intelligent lighting control is provided by STEINEL's IR-Sensor technology that has been tried and proven in millions of applications and also featured in the Steinel IS 140-2 motion detector. The combination of LED technology and sensor control produces a saving of 90% over conventional halogen floodlights.

- 14.8 W LED
- 90% energy saving
- Active Thermo-Control
steinel xled home 1 - steinel sensors

Steinel Xled Home 1 LED Sensor Floodlight

- Dimensions (h x w x d): 210 x 175 x 180 mm

- Output: 170 LEDs, approx. 14.8W. Lifespan of LEDs: up to 50,000 hrs.

- Voltage: 230-240 V/50 Hz

- Floodlight Position Range: 180° horizontally, 120° vertically

- Detection Angle: 140° with sneak-by guard

- Sensor Positioning Range: 180° horizontally, 90° vertically

- Detection Reach: 14 m max. (temperature-stabilised)

- Twilight Setting: 2 – 2000 lux

- Time Setting: 8 sec – 35 min

- Enclosure: IP44

XLed Home 1 – The New LED Floodlight From Steinel

The Steinel Xled Home 1 is a new floodlight from Steinel; below I will run through some of if it’s features which I feel may make it the best product Steinel have ever made.

Steinel have just supplied us with one of the Xled Home LED Floodlights to test and obtain our own opinions. It’s now up in my back garden which, may I add, lights better than the 150 watt halogen floodlight I had there.

So what makes the Steinel Xled Home 1 so good, and why should you spend £99 on it when you can buy a normal floodlight for around a tenner? The Steinel Xled Home 1 floodlight uses just 14.8 watts of power and gives an eqivilant (if not more) of 150 watts of halogen. Steinel Xled Home does this by using 170 LEDs. It has a built in Steinel sensor which is one of the most reliable and highest quality sensors available on the market. On the Xled Home 1 the time and sensitivity can both be easily adjusted along with the sensor and head of the floodlight. The Steinel Xled Home allows the user to have the sensor pointing in one direction and the light in another; making it easy to cover the drive with the sensor and have the light lighting the doorway. Steinel Xled Home is available in a white and silver finishes.

The above features are fantastic and make the floodlight a brilliant product however the icing on the cake is its 5 year warranty! If, in the unlikely event, the Xled Home 1 fails in the first 5 years Steinel will replace it free of charge. This in my opinion is what makes this fitting worth the money. The 5 years cover every part of the floodlight including the paint. Many cheap floodlights on the market won’t last anywhere near this long and the lamp will probably need changing a few times a year if used with a sensor and kept on regularly. The Steinel Xled Home will be hassle free for 5 years and many more after.

We have got this far into the article and not even mentioned the sensational energy saving benefits of the Xled Home. At just under 15 watts you are saving 90% compared to a 150 watt halogen bulb. The saving alone would pay for the light over 5 years. All in all if you look at this product, apart from the first outlay of money, you will never spend another penny. And every time you use the floodlight it will save 90% more than a 150 watt halogen floodlight. This is by far and away the best value product I have seen on the market… Although I’m always looking.


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