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Steinel Lighting


Automatic lighting is the future and STEINEL will lead you into that future. Today Steinel has become an everyday sight outside and around thousands of homes and businesses and now it can become a part of the interior too with Steinel’s NEW Indoor lighting range. What better way to welcome you home or to work than with Steinel’s state of the art high frequency sensors which are hidden within a variety of attractive, contemporary and aesthetically pleasing designs. All STEINEL lights can be used with low-energy lights enabling you to be as energy savvy as you like. There is both a professional and DIY range offering you security and convenience not only in the home but in commercial premises, administration centres, etc.

Steinel Sensor Lights for Indoors

Combing maximum energy efficiency and optimum convenience to offer you everything you could desire in a SensorLight. The High-frequency motion detector will automatically switch ‘ON’ when you enter the room, regardless of temperature or the direction in which you are moving, and then ‘OFF’ again after the period in which you have selected. The Sensor can detect even the smallest of movements within a distance of 8m and an angle of 360 degrees and can therefore be installed on walls or ceilings. There are three infinitely adjustable control dials enabling you to set them exactly how you want them. These control dials are reach adjustment of 1-8m, time from between 5sec and 15min, and twilight threshold of between 2 and 2000lux.

You may be thinking that the STEINEL High-frequency SensorLights must be difficult and time consuming to install. Well you’re wrong! They can be installed exactly the same way as your conventional lights, there’s no extra work or cables! In fact, they are far more convenient, there is no need for two-way double pole reversing switches or the wiring runs involved. They simply require you to connect the phase and neutral conductor to the screw terminal and you’re done.

The STEINEL Indoor SensorLights also offer the option to connect additional loads as they are provided with a separate terminal to do so with. Commonly an extractor fan can be connected to turn ‘ON’ together with the light.

Steinel Sensor Lights for Outdoor

STEINEL Outdoor SensorLights are the perfect combination of security, convenience and style. The innovative sensor technology will automatically switch ‘ON’ the light at dusk within microseconds of it detecting a moving heat source and when the movement has stopped and your programmed time has elapsed it will switch ‘OFF’. There is a wide variety of shapes and designs to suit any home, garden, or outdoor space and they come as wall or free-standing lights to meet your personal requirements. From class to modern, stainless steel or aluminium, there is a light for everyone.

Whereas the indoor SensorLights use a High-frequency sensor the outdoor SensorLights use a passive infrared (PIR) sensor, therefore when a heat source enters the detection zone, the IR radiation received changes for the sensor which then emits a signal and the light switches ‘ON’. For those with applications that require a larger detection zone, Steinel has developed a multsensor system, within this system is two or even three pyro-sensors which are positioned at a specific angle to each other so that their detection zones are added together, to give you a much larger zone overall.

To make the SensorLight as adjustable and convenient as possible the entire sensor model can be removed from the light in order to personalise the settings such as reach to a maximum of 12m or time and twilight thresholds. Whilst settings are being made the light will automatically switch itself ‘ON’, making it practical even at twilight or night time. All instructions are also printed on the Sensor module for pure convenience.

Steinel Floodlights

The XLed Floodlight with 170 LED’s… a lighting sensation! Innovative STEINEL LED technology provides you with flawless illumination but at a sensationally low energy requirement, as it requires less than 15 watts to immerse your surroundings. PLUS their life expectancy is practically unlimited compared to traditional halogen lamps, enhanced even further by STEINEL’s Active-Thermo-Control technology that protects the LEDs from overheating.

As the floodlight emits only a fraction of the heat conventional floodlights do, it can be installed under porches, it is also adjustable in all directions, meaning you can aim the light panel to perfectly illuminate the area you want. The combination of STEINEL’s IR-Sensor control and LED technology is what produces the 90% energy savings of the XLed Floodlights.

We also offer the STEINEL Sensor-Switched halogen floodlight for vulnerable spots that require a bright vigilant light such as driveways and the front of your home or building. As they are designed for bulbs with an output of between 150 and 500 watts, they can deter those unwanted visitors or welcome the invited ones.

Our range varies from the low-price Fresnel lens light HS 5140 to the microprocessor controlled hi-tech floodlight HS 500, offering you the right model for any application. Models HS 150 and HS 300 are equipped with a ceramic reflector.

The detection zone can be adjusted exactly to requirements by tilting or swivelling multi-lens (HS 150 DUO, HS 300 DUO, HS 500 DUO) or Fresnel lens (HS 5140) and can be limited using the shrouds provided, generally the sensors will provide a maximum reach of 12m. You can also easily adjust the light 'ON' duration and the twilight threshold by the control dials.

The multi-lens (HS 150 DUO, HS 300 DUO, HS 500 DUO) sensors are equipped with Multi-lens technology (MLT) that provides uninterrupted coverage of a semi-spherical detection zone. This makes it the ideal lens system for motion detectors with double or triple sensors. Whereas the Fresnel lens (HS 5140) provide the simplest means of segmenting the detection zone of an infrared detector. A system of individual lenses is arranged here in the form of an arc. With a maximum coverage angle of 180°, they can watch over an area of up to 225 m2.

Just like the other STEINEL SensorLights the entire sensor model can be removed from the light in order to personalise the settings such as reach, time and twilight thresholds. Whilst settings are being made the light will automatically switch itself ‘ON’, making it practical even at twilight or night time. All instructions are also printed on the Sensor module for pure convenience.

Steinel Motion sensors

The STEINEL Motion sensors range offers you both Infrared sensors and Photoelectric lighting controllers. The Infrared sensors respond to the heat radiated from moving people and can then switch a light ‘ON’ and then ‘OFF’ again after a pre-set period. These sensors therefore enable you to bring the benefits of this modern day technology to lights that you may already have installed. Enabling you to retain your existing lighting design, but still benefit from the convenience of this innovative technology.

The Steinel Infrared Sensors come with generous reach and coverage angles and a sneak-by guard, meaning complete surveillance and peace of mind. You can also be assured that even in adverse weather conditions your sensors will operate just as reliably as they would indoors. These Sensors can be installed easily internally in areas such as corridors or basements and externally.

The STEINEL Photoelectric lighting controllers will switch the light ‘ON’ in relation to ambient brightness, the integrated light sensor will switch the connected light automatically ‘ON’ at dusk and ‘OFF’ again at dawn. This makes this perfect for permanently illuminated house numbers. The photoelectric lighting controllers can be used with any lighting system including commercial lighting systems or shop window illuminations. Giving you a wide range of uses for this intelligent system.

To permit rapid, intuitive adjustability of the sensor electronics to individual user needs, the entire sensor module can be taken out of the light, set in your own time, plugged back in again and securely locked in place.While settings are being made, the light switches itself 'ON' as soon as the sensor is removed. This is practical at twilight or during the night. All of the information you need to know is printed in the sensor module itself, obviating the need for any operating instructions.

STEINEL Setting Capabilities

The setting capabilities of STEINEL sensors are generally the same in most SensorLights, Floodlights or Motion Sensors. They generally provide a reach of 12m and those sensors with a coverage angle of less than 180 degrees are equipped with lenses that can be adjusted by tilting or turning in order to get them into the desired position. Shrouds will be included with all sensors to enable you to limit the detection zone to meet your needs.

All sensors have personalisable settings such as reach, time and twilight. The time setting is adjustable from 5secs to 15mins and after detection the light will stay on for the time period in which you have selected. The twilight threshold can be infinitely varied from 2 lux (night) to 2000 lux (day), therefore preventing the light from coming on when it is not needed in the day.

The watt-o-matic feature on Steinel sensors allows you to adjust basic brightness from 0-50 percent, and the soft light start feature will increase the output to 100% in a manner that is easy on the eyes, in turn prolonging the lamp life.

Many of STEINEL's SensorLights can be set to stay 'ON' permanently for 4 hours by operating a switch twice. Afterwards, the light automatically returns to sensor mode.