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Megaman Lamps

Megaman Lamps
Megaman’s focus on low energy bulbs has made them a leading global brand in high-performance, energy-efficient lighting solutions, using both LED and CFL technologies.

Their innovative LED products use unique design concepts to produce a range that is highly energy efficient, emitting a fraction of the heat produced by competitive products and that have outstanding rated life characteristics. Making some of the most advanced products on the market. Their continuous R&D has led to the launch of many new products as you will see across our site. All of their products come with comprehensive warranties.

LED Professional

The Megaman LED Professional series includes a range of reflectors, decorative lamps and LED panels that can be used in a variety of applications such as:

• Boutiques and Shops
• Shopping Centres
• Hotels
• Restaurants
• Museums
• Galleries
• Offices
• Homes

The LED professional series is equipped with a range of unique patented design features such as Thermal conductive highway (TCH) technology that uses a ‘heat drain’ across the reflector to dissipate heat efficiently and prevent deterioration of the LED chip and other components, maximising light output and lumen maintenance.

Other features include the fact that the LED system is a true replacement for halogen lamps, with a colour rendering of up to Ra85, yet a lamp life of up to 50,000 hours!

With up to 80% energy savings the LED systems emit up to one third of the heat of tradition light sources!

LED Economy

The LED Economy Series is the perfect LED based alternative to CFL decorative lamps, the Megaman 15,000 hour Economy Series range is designed to enhance any lighting scenario at a lower cost than the LED Professional Series 50,000 hour range. The series includes a range of reflectors and decorative lamp in many of Megaman’s popular lamp shapes such as candle, classic, R50, R63 and GX53.

This range is perfect for those homeowners that want to start using LED light sources, as Megaman’s unique thermo plastic ‘heat sink’ design which allows for heat dissipation, lamps in this range emit considerably less heat than equivalent incandescent lamps but offer an excellent lumen output whilst retaining a stylish look.

Megaman also offer an LED economy Sensor Light which automatically switches ‘ON’ in darkness and then ‘OFF’ again when there is ample light. It therefore illuminates only when needed and saves even more energy.

CFL Series

The Megaman CFL Series includes a range of reflectors, decorative, tubular, clusterlife, and PL lamps and can be used in a variety of applications such as:

• General domestic applications
• Reception areas
• Table lamps
• Decorative wall or ceiling lamps
• Cabinet lighting
• Conference rooms
• Corridors
• Security lighting
• Offices

Megaman CFL’s are renowned for their outstanding quality and performance, achieved through quality materials, innovative technology, and stringent control measures and that’s why they come with an 18 month warranty! All the Megaman CFL’s are completely liquid mercury free and are fully RoHS compliant.

Key features of the CFL series include the Powerlens features which amplifies luminous intensity by 20% to meet the requirements of directional lamps, in our reflector lamps this creates a more concentrated light cone and the Megaman Ingenium internal electronic technology which prolongs lamp life to up to 15,000 hours.

The plastic lamp base on our CFL Lamps prevents rust and is made from High-heat resistant ABS with copper & nickel plating. Many of Megaman’s CFL lamps are also wrapped in silicone, this provides extra protection for the lamp and confines broken glass is the lamp is accidently broken.

The CFL Classic and Candle lamps have been carefully designed with translucent housing to deliver all-round illumination.

The CFL Series also includes dimmable and sensor lights, offering you a selection of lighting choices.


The Megaman Fixtures Range features high quality luminaires that are designed for easy installation. The recessed downlights in this range are produced from high quality materials and when combined with Megaman lamps, they provide stylish and innovative energy saving lighting.

The New integrated LED downlights incorporate a driver and so the range is easy to install yet still delivers high system efficiency. When compared to a conventional plu-in tube downlight they produce 62% more light. The integrated LED downlight is available in 12.5W, 20.5W and 35.5W.

We also offer adjustable recessed downlights. The Megaman MAX for GU10’s offers an economical, easy-to-maintain high performance alternative to conventional recessed downlight fittings, making it ideal for commercial settings such as corridors, reception desks, hotels and restaurants.

The Megaman Planex for GX53’s is an incredibly slim recessed fixture that requires no external transformer, facilitating easier installation into almost any ceiling, no matter how shallow the depth of your ceiling.

Emergency Packs

The Megaman Emergency Packs are designed to maintain operation when the power is down with their 3 hour battery life.