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Fire Rated Downlights

Light Up Uk are specialists in fire rated downlights. We hold 1000s in stock and have a great technical team to answer any questions you may have. We typically have next day delivery on all of our fittings and offer a comprehensive range of lamps alongside.

What are Fire Rated Downlights?

Traditional downlights are lighting fixtures that direct light downwards into a room usually situated on ceilings.

In modern buildings and work places, fire regulations and standards are in effect to ensure that, in the event of a fire, that fire spread is slowed, allowing occupants of the building to leave safely. As heat rises, so do the flames of a fire. A ceiling is considered one of the most important fire barriers, and it is crucial that the spread of fire is as slow as possible from floor to ceiling.

The majority of modern day buildings have fire rated ceilings, which calculate the time a ceiling can act as a barrier for flames, before they spread to the floor above. Recessed lighting installed in ceilings can compromise and lower the ceilings fire rating. Fire Rated Downlights ensure that a ceilings fire rating is intact.

Risks of not using Fire Rated Downlights

Installing regular downlights as opposed to Fire Rated Downlights creates gaps in the ceiling surrounding the lighting fixture. This weakens the ceiling, and allows flames to pass through it easier, onto the above floor. Fire Rated downlights have protective covers. This means when these lights are fitted, the protective cover does not leaves gaps in the ceiling, allowing flames to be held back for a longer period of time.

Where are Fire Rated Downlights Most Commonly Used?

Building Regulations dictate that any all residential dwellings with a top floor height of up to 18 meters above the ground should have a fire resistant ceiling of up to 60 minutes burning time. Any residential buildings that have a top floor up to 30m should have their ceilings which can resist flames for up to 90 minutes. Due to these fire regulations, it is best practice to use Fire Rated Downlights in establishments that meet the above criteria.

Do you need them?

Lightup UK has a huge range of fireproof downlights, but the question is, do you need them? As mentioned above, Fire Rated Downlights should be used to improve a ceilings fire integrity. If your establishment falls in the above guide lines then you should be using Fire Rated Downlights as your ceilings downlighting source.

Depending upon the height of the establishment will dictate the ceiling fire rating duration needed. Fire Rated Downlights are produced and tested to 30, 60 and 90 minute fire ratings. Bare this in mind when purchasing fire rated spotlights or led fire rated downlights.

At we offer the best Fire Rated Downlights available in the UK. The cost of Fire Rated Downlights isn’t much greater than regular downlights, and many electrical contractors will only install downlights which are fire rated. If in doubt we would always recommend being ‘safe rather than sorry’ and to select Fire Rated Downlights.