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Honeywell Security

Here at Light Up Uk we take security as seriously as we take our switches and sockets, and if you've seen our sockets collection then you will know just how serious we are about providing you with the best products on the market. When it comes to the best in security, Honeywell is at the top of the list.

Our range of Honeywell security products offer both the stylish and sleek look that fits any commercial or residential décor, but packed into the smooth design lies the latest and greatest technology from the world leader in home security systems. Whether your interested in outdoor, indoor or perimeter motion sensors, fire or smoke alarms, home intruder control panels, live or dummy bell boxes or glass break detectors. We have the Honeywell product to fit your needs, buy individually or as part of Honeywell's bundled kits, ideal for those who are making their first foray into home security, and best of all they're cheaper than buying each product individually. Speaking of prices, you will not find a Honeywell product cheaper elsewhere, and if you do lets us know and we will guarantee to beat it.

What is Honeywell Security?

Honeywell are a Fortune 500 company currently ranked 77/500. When they turned their attention to security, there money, manpower and technology followed. Before anyone could react Honeywell soon became a leading global manufacture of security and automation solutions for residential and commercial applications. From intrusion, fire and home automation systems, to the latest in IP video and access control, Honeywell are focused on technologies that create “connected homes” and “connected buildings.”

Why should you use Honeywell's Security products?

You are not alone with your interest in Honeywell's security devices. 3,000,000 homes in the UK alone, and many more world wide contain Honewell security systems, and that's excluding commercial properties. With over 2 million units sold and fitted world wide, the Viper GL/X series of inertia sensors is the most extensive set of perimeter protection products from any single manufacturer. Enjoy 24 hour freedom of movement granted with an inertial sensor that would trigger a purely PIR sensor.

With your doors and windows covered by the Vipers, Install an Ade Intellisense AG6 live bell box outside, its attractive housing and flexible vertical or horizontal mounting lets any wannabe intruder know your property is properly protected, if that's not enough the 116Db scream it lets out when triggered will send the vermin fleeing. Moving indoors the Dual Tec Passive infra-red pet immune motion sensor achieves consistent protection with complete pet immunity on pets up to 45kg. With it's huge 11 x 11m working range it can single handedly cover the largest of rooms. At the center of your security network, the Accenta Gen4 burglar alarm panel can cover 8 different zones each identifiable on the LED keypad.

Sadly intrusions and burglaries are a fact of life, and many feel that the chances of it happening to them is low enough to justify continuing without protection. But if you have read this far, we have faith that you want to join the 3 million UK homeowners that are protected by Honywell systems. If you don't know where to start we can recommend the Honeywell security kits that are a ready to go assemble of Honeywell devices to get you up and running.